Repair/Paint fences on north half of park (Blocks 7 & 10)

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This project will consist of repairing and/or replacing approximately 3,000 linear feet of deteriorated fencing within the north half of Lincoln Home National Historic Site. Once replacements are made, all fencing will be repainted, baring a change in the discussion from the drafted Cultural Landscape Plan (2014), which recommends leaving some fences unpainted that cannot be documented in photographs as being painted. The fencing associated with various historic structures and properties located within the historic area is an important element of the cultural landscape. The various types and styles of fencing that enclose the 23 lots and structures within the project area are significant for full visitor understanding and appreciation of the historic environment. The fences also serve as a block to the staff parking area, within the viewshed of the Lincoln Home.

Contact Information

Sheryle Lindley, 217-391-3229