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As part of a complete restoration project in 1988, new draperies were installed in the Lincoln Home based on historic research and images from the time the Lincolns lived in the house but these draperies are now faded and are deteriorating due to sun rot and age. New curtains are needed in order to continue to provide the visitor with a historical and visually accurate experience.

This project will provide curtains for the Front and Back Parlor (4 windows total) based on the original fabric in the collection; the Dining Room (1 window), and the Sitting Room (4 windows) based on their appearance in an 1861 newspaper illustration. The draperies will need to be lined as well due to light exposure from windows. These draperies are lined flat panels with sewn on brass rings and are extra-long to allow for puddling on the floor.

The second floor windows and the kitchen window will also need new curtains. These are unlined flat panels with sewn-on brass rings. The curtains will be replaced in Lincolns bedroom (4 windows), Mary Lincolns bedroom (2 windows), and the Boys room (1 window). A two-panel caf� curtain made from the same fabric is needed for the kitchen window (1 window).

This project requires creating the custom silk and wool fabric to match the original Lincoln-associated red and gold brocade fabric. Approximately 40 yards of the 53 wide fabric will be needed to cover the 4 windows in the parlor. Approximately 45 yards of 51 wide moir� Taffeta, embossed watered pattern, wool and cotton fabric, preferably in green, will be needed for the remaining 5 lined draperies, along with the off-white lining fabric. For the second floor and kitchen, the fabric should be a 100% cotton 45 wide either Batiste or Dimity fabric in white, approximately 75 yards. Tie backs in matching fabric will be needed for each set of draperies. The project will also include fabrication of the curtains and delivery. Park staff will install the draperies.

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