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North Fork Island land exchange

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David Boyd (WRST tract 36-103, DMS 61 44 13N -141 33 26W) has requested a land exchange. His main concern is access to his current 14-acre inholding on North Fork Island in the White River, located in the northeastern portion of Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Historically this parcel had been accessed by plane to the Solo Creek airstrip, then by Off Road Vehicle approximately five miles to the North Fork Island. However, changing river conditions have altered the floodplain and the parcel has become increasingly difficult or impossible to access. Structures on the North Fork Island inholding include a cabin and various outbuildings built by Boyd, as well as numerous historic cabins and outbuildings that were associated with the Chisana Gold Rush.

Mr. Boyd proposes to exchange his existing 14-acre parcel for one approximately five miles upstream on the White River. The new parcel would be approximately the same size and would be accessed via the Solo Creek established airstrip. The new tract would have adequate year round access for the land owner. A Right-of-Way-Certificate-of-Access (RWCA) would be issued to gain access to the new tract from the airstrip. Approximate location of the new parcel is at 61 45 57N -141 42 22W, which is near the Vaden property (WRST tract 34-101). Field assessments have been made to determine condition of the current tract, access to the current tract, new tract location, and access to the new tract.

This proposal would facilitate NPS management of the area for the following reasons:
• Facilitate consistent and reliable access for a private inholder, consistent with the Alaska National Interest Conservation Act (ANILCA), section 1110(b).
• Secure and protect a historical and pre-historical site (North Fork Island).
• Consolidate ownership in a remote area with only two land owners.

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