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Repair Lyon House (HS-08) Kitchen and Restroom

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Work on this project consists of removing the shower/tub, expanding the small closet into the tub space to house office supplies- -adding reinforced shelving to the closet space in the process; removing the wallpaper and tub surround and replacing with drywall, painting walls and trim, and replacing 80 SF of flooring in the Lyon House bathroom. Existing damaged tile and plywood subfloors will be removed and all areas cleaned. New underlayment, floor leveler, and ceramic tile will be installed. A new vanity will be installed around the sink but the sink will not be replaced.

This project also involves remodeling the Lyon House kitchen to create a more efficient use of space. Two back to back closets that hinder access from the back door will be removed. The full-sized refrigerator will be moved to the east wall near the door. An island housing the sink will be removed to create an open floor plan. The sink will be moved to the east wall where the stove is currently. The stove will move to the north wall with an approximately 18" wide pantry added to the west of the stove. This arrangement will cause some electrical conduit and plumbing to need to be rearranged. Access to the electrical and plumbing work will mostly be through the basement. The circa 1980 cabinets and counter top will be replaced for the new configuration, the walls will be painted and 180 SF of flooring will be replaced. Cabinets and a corner countertop will be added in the southwest corner of the kitchen. This cabinet will be fitted around the window frames. This will create a more open floor plan in the kitchen to ease congestion around the back door, which is used heavily by staff as well as package delivery personnel. Previously the door would not fully open without difficulty and having to move a small table, and there was only room for one person to access the area around the door at a time, creating a safety hazard.

Neither area has been updated beyond some appliance replacements since the early 1980s when the house was transferred from the City of Springfield. The building houses the Superintendent's office and the Administration Division.

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