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Waymeyer Access, Chilton Creek Boat Ramp, Pin Oak Campground

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The area addressed is located on the Current River approximately six miles upstream from Van Buren, Missouri. The park maintains two semi-developed sites which provide access to the Current River in the area - Waymeyer Landing for non-motorized watercraft, and Chilton Creek Boat ramp for motorized boats. The Waymeyer site is a designated "put-in" for commercial outfitters, contractors to the National Park Service (NPS) who provide rentals and shuttle service to the visiting public. The Waymeyer site is also used by visitors launching privately owned non-motorized watercraft.

Since these facilities are located to support river dependent activities they are subject to seasonal flooding and the shifting of the river. The record flooding that occurred in the spring of 2017 resulted in significant damage and the closing of the Pin Oak campground. The gravel bar at Waymeyer access has been reduced in size over the past decade through seasonal flooding. Elk viewing in the adjacent fields is becoming more popular and visitation has increased to the area.