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Repair and repaint Arnold (S-20) & Allen (HS-21) barns, Arnold privy and windows on Shutt House (HS-17).

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This project consists of preparing and painting exterior surfaces, including sanding, cleaning, caulking, and preparing all exterior surfaces and repairing damaged and deteriorated areas on four structures, specifically:
--Repair and repaint exterior walls on the Arnold Barn, approximately 1565 SF, specifically repairing a board pulling away from the building allowing water infiltration on the East side, and one board showing signes of rot around the knot. Siding is also showing splits around the entire surface. It was last painted in 1998.
--Repair South exterior door at Arnold Barn. The door is bowed out at the top, which allows water/snow to enter inside the doorframe. A second metal door prevents most from getting inside the building but does not completely prevent water issues. It is an oversized door custom made to allow large artifacts into building.
--Repair three exterior doors on the Allen Barn including replacing a handle on the South door, replacing side casings on the East double door, and the East single door needs the casing replaced.
--Repaint the interior walls in the Allen Barn. Interior walls, approximately 600 SF, need to be cleaned and painted.
--Repaint exterior walls of Arnold Privy to maintain good condition. Paint will cover approximately 170 SF. It was last painted in 2001.
--Repaint 20 exterior windows on the Shutt House.
--Repair and repaint the southeast porch on the Shutt House, approximately 35 SF.

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Sheryle Lindley, (217) 391-3229