Photo of the west (main)side of the Aitken barn after a fresh coat of paint, 2007.

Restore and Rehabilitate the Aitken Barn

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The Aitken Barn, a ca. 1920 barn built possibly with materials from a Lincoln-era Dubois barn, is in need of rehabilitation. When completed it will serve as much-needed storage space. It currently sits on the ground or the original Dubois barn foundations. During the course of rehabilitating the barn, it will be moved, making a previously inaccessible archeological resource accessible. The area will be excavated by archeologists before the barn is stabilized, a new foundation is poured and the barn is returned to its original location. The windows, doors and siding will be repaired and replaced in-kind, and the building will be painted in historically accurate colors.

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Jack Connor, 217-391-3232