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Upgrade campsites to accessible standards at ISKY and Needles

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The Architectural Barriers Act of 2007 requires that campsites with more than 2 sites and less than 25 campsites have 2 accessible campsites. This project will upgrade 1 campsite at Willow flats to meet accessibility standards and 2 campsites at Squaw flats to meet accessibility standards. Therefore the Park is still required to construct one more accessible site at Willow Flats. The park will benefit not only with getting closer to complying with the law it will also greatly benefit handicap visitors.

Sites will be upgraded to accessible standards. These upgrades include hardening the surface (colored concrete), installing an accessible picnic table, fire ring and tent pad. The length of the pullouts is not specified in the Architectural Barriers Act. So to determine the length of the pullouts, the Moab Field Office of the BLM was contacted because they have constructed numerous campgrounds over the last 10 years. In discussions with Rob Sweeten the landscape architect, he recommended that a length of 70' be used. This was based on being able to accommodate large RV's and large trucks with trailers. In order to ensure that these accessible campsites can accommodate all handicap users the 70' length was used as the pullout length. Impacts to visitors will be that one campsite at Willow flats will be closed for up to 3 weeks, and one campsite at Squaw flats will be closed for up to 3 weeks, and there will be an overlap period of 1 week when both sites will be closed.

Site selection was based on accessible requirements. These requirements require relatively flat surfaces, wide drives (20' requirement), and clear areas around tent pads, picnic tables, and fire rings. Having an accessible route to a toilet is also a consideration but not a requirement.

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