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Rehabilitate Visitor Center Restrooms

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This project would replace the entire original tile in the visitor center restrooms (450 square feet of tile on the floor and 770 square feet of tile on the walls). The current tile in the restrooms was installed in 1965 when the visitor center was built. The tile is outdated, cracked and broken, presenting a tripping hazard, making it difficult to clean and creating an environment conducive to bacteria growth. These restrooms serve 100,000 visitors annually and 15+ employees daily.

This project would rehabilitate the only plumbed comfort station in the park, providing for improved visitor services and increased visitor satisfaction. The replacement of tile would create a smooth, attractive, and easier to clean surface, resulting in a pleasant, safe and bacteria-free environment for visitors and employees.

This project would be completed by day labor. There are no expected impacts to employees or visitors.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133