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Syncline Loop trail repair

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Project location: Syncline loop trail (north side) in Syncline Valley, Island in the Sky district.
Time frame: Oct. 4 -11 and 18-25, 2006.
Project Description: A trail crew of 10 will access the site through Upheaval Canyon. All essential equipment would be transported by backpack and power carrier to the Syncline backcountry camp (staging area). The power carrier will travel in the main Upheaval Canyon wash only and will only go as far as the Upheaval Canyon/Syncline Valley junction. The carrier will enable the crew to haul additional water and equipment such as a portable toilet that will help in reducing impacts. Work being conducted will consist of the reconstruction of existing trail structures (primarily rock steps, water bars etc.) that have collapsed, as well as the removal of a steel hand hold cable. The cable is fraying at 3 bolt locations and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Reconfiguring the trail tread in this section will allow the removal of the cable and help in preserving the wilderness character. The current status of this section of trail is very unstable and has sloughed in areas causing multiple trails to develop. The material that has fallen on the trail obstructing the route is what will be used in the reconstruction. Work will be conducted only in the most critical areas, focusing on the minimal amount needed to make the trail safe and recognizable. Only hand tools such as rock bars, hammers, chisels and shovels will be used.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133