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Visitation to Grand Teton National Park is changing. Several years of record setting visitation levels culminated in the park hosting nearly 3.9 million recreational visits in 2021.

While the year-to-year statistics can sometimes paint a fuzzy picture of visitation, two trends are clear. First, the long-term trend for visitation to the park shows an increase—visitation to the park has increased over 60% since the mid-2000s. Whether visitation returns to 2021 levels in a year, five years, or 20 years, all indications are it will return to, and eventually surpass, that level. In many ways, 2021 provided a glimpse of what future visitation at Grand Teton will likely look like. Second, people are enjoying Grand Teton National Park in different ways. For example, data indicate many more visitors are using the park's trail system, compared to a decade ago, along with increased lakeshore use.

These changes have not gone unnoticed by park visitors, partners, and friends. In response, park managers are taking a fresh look at visitor use management to clarify what the issues are and how we measure a successful visitor experience, identify potential strategies to achieve success in coordination with the public and stakeholders, and chart a course for the next 20 years of visitor use management.

We are seeking your input. We want to know what experiences you most value at the park, what gets in the way of visiting or enjoying the park, and what ideas you have to improve visitor use management at the park.