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Enchanted Valley Chalet Preservation Maintenance

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The National Park Service (NPS) at Olympic National Park (ONP) is considering options related to the management and protection of the Enchanted Valley Chalet, located in the southwestern portion of the park, in Jefferson County, Washington. The Enchanted Valley Chalet is located in an open meadow 13 miles up trail from the Graves Creek trailhead. It is within the floodplain of the East Fork Quinault River.

Enchanted Valley Chalet has been determined to be in need of repair, maintenance and redesign of interior space use. Actions are needed to preserve the structure, to resolve health and safety issues, and to prevent structural degradation.

An action is also needed to protect the chalet from East Fork Quinault River. Alternatives have been developed to protect the structure from erosion and river movement, to protect the riverine system and park resources from the potential collapse of the structure, and provide options for removal of the chalet if it is necessary in the future.

The environmental assessment (EA) will consider long-term adaptive management solutions that could be selected for use over the course of several years. A combination of alternatives could be adopted depending on the status of the river, the outcome of the environmental analysis, and the future conditions in the valley.

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