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General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

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Dear Friend of San Juan Island National Historical Park,

It is with great pleasure that we submit to you the Final General Management Plan for San Juan Island National Historical Park. This plan is a vision for the next 15 to 20 years that will guide our management of the Park in its operations, facilities, and new programs.

This final General Management Plan presents the Proposed Action of the National Park Service for the Park. The actions proposed in this plan will broaden the scope of resource management and interpretation programs to emphasize the connections and interrelationships between the park's cultural and natural resources. Historic buildings and structures will continue to be preserved, with some additional buildings open to the public for interpretation. New facilities and programs will provide opportunities for visitors to understand how the park's natural surroundings influenced the settlement and historic events on San Juan Island and help define the cultural landscapes preserved within the park. Boundaries will be expanded to include lands important for resource protection and to public understanding of primary interpretive themes.

This General Management Plan is the result of six years of thought, planning and discussion about the National Historical Park's future, with the public and with our partners. From the start, your involvement has been critical in shaping this plan. Three well-attended public meetings were held on the draft General Management Plan in February, at which we received more than 100 verbal comments. During the 60-day comment period, we also received 30 letters noting issues and ideas. We have listened to your concerns and have made a number of revisions to the final General Management Plan presented here.

We are most grateful for the time and effort contributed to this plan by engaged citizens, local and regional non-profit groups, a host of county and state agencies, and dedicated National Park Service staff. The vision contained in the plan is clearer and more refined because of your enthusiastic participation. To achieve the goals and objectives of the plan will require continued involvement of you, the community, and our partners. We look forward to working with all of you in coming years as we strive to implement programs contained in this plan.

Peter Dederich
Superintendent, San Juan Island National Historical Park

Contact Information
Peter Dederich, Superintendent
San Juan Island National Historical Park
650 Mullis Street,Suite 100
Friday Harbor, WA 98250