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The NPS has selected alternative B for implementation. In light of the impacts described in the EA for the project and with guidance from NPS Management Policies 2006, natural and cultural resources information, professional judgment, and considering agency and public comments, the impacts that will result from the selected alternative will not impair any Park resources and values. The selected alternative does not constitute an action that normally requires preparation of an EIS. The selected alternative will not have a significant effect on the human environment. . Negative environmental impacts that could occur to Park natural and cultural resources are negligible to moderate in intensity. There will be no significant impacts on soils, vegetation, wildlife and wildlife habitat, wetlands, visitor use and experience, human health and safety, neighborhoods, cultural landscapes, historic structures and districts and archaeological resources. No highly uncertain or controversial impacts, unique or unknown risks, significant cumulative effects, or elements of precedence were identified. Implementation of the selected alternative will not violate any federal, state, or local environmental protection law.

Based on the foregoing an EIS is not required for this action and thus will not be prepared. This is a finding of no significant impact.

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