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Transfer Portion of Fort Dupont Park to DC for Recreational Development

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The National Park Service (NPS) will prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for transferring jurisdiction of a portion of property within Fort Dupont Park, part of the Fort Circle Parks, to the District of Columbia (the District) for development of recreational facilities. The authority for publishing this notice is contained in 40 CFR 1506.6.

The current Proposed Action is to transfer approximately 15-acres of NPS property situated on the north side of Fort Dupont Park along Ely Place in Southeast Washington, D.C. The subject property is land that incorporates the Special Use Zone and portions of Recreational and Natural Zones identified in the approved Final Management Plan-Fort Circle Parks, Washington, D.C. of 2004. This transfer is part of an effort to expand public facilities and opportunities for young people. The new recreational facilities and programs would be developed and operated by the District and its partners. The District believes that it can more readily bring this proposal to fruition if it manages this portion of the park, so it has requested that the NPS consider transferring jurisdiction of the subject property to the District.

The 376-acre Fort Dupont Park is one of the Civil War Defenses of Washington and is part of the Fort Circle Parks managed by the NPS. Development of new recreational facilities and programs on the subject property include proposals to create a baseball academy and another to expand an existing indoor ice skating arena.

Information and comments gathered during the May 12, 2008 public scoping meeting and from the National Parks Service's project website ( will be used to identify the range of issues and potential impacts of this proposed action. It will also be used in follow-up planning and decision-making.

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