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Stabilize Scarp, Remove Threat to Development, Fort Circle Parks

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This project site is located in a forested, natural corridor in the northern part of Shepherd Parkway (Part of the Fort Circle Parks) that parallels I-295. A slope failure that occurred in the 1990's left an eroded slope, or scarp. It is in a section of rich woods, in a stream valley with steep slopes that extends eastward along the park and the nearby St. Elizabeth boundary.

Some Potential Problems:
• Will significant erosion continue?
• How to stabilize site while minimizing impacts to: adjacent homes and neighborhood, forest and wildlife community
• Stabilization work will require temporary street closures
• Some noise and/or vibration is associated with stabilization work
• Limited window (December 15 through June 15) for stabilization work to occur to avoid impacting nesting eagles.

Shepherd Parkway is an important part of the "forests and natural scenery in and about Washington." Situated along the visually prominent ridge, the Shepherd Parkway section of the Fort Circle Parks provides a green backdrop to the east of city's center and adds so much to the unique design of the nation's capital.

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