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The General Management Plan Amendment for the Elkmont Historic District will guide future management of this district for the next 15-20 years.

The Notice of Availability of the Elkmont Historic District Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and General Management Plan Amendment was published on May 1 in the Federal Register. The Elkmont Historic District, contains 74 vacant structures which were constructed as vacation retreats in the two decades just prior to the Park's establishment in 1934.

The FEIS outlines the National Park Service's plans to preserve 18 cabins and the Appalachian Clubhouse and to document and remove the remaining structures. The plan is the result of a five year public process that evaluated the natural, cultural and cost impacts of seven alternatives ranging from removing all the buildings, which was the action called for in the Park's 1982 General Management Plan, to preserving all the buildings for use as concession-operated lodging and a restaurant.

Under provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act, the NPS has executed a Record of Decision (ROD) documenting the final decision for the future management of the Elkmont Historic District. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Notice of Availability of a Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement/General Management Plan Amendment, Elkmont Historic District, Great Smoky Mountains National Park documents this National Park Service decision. This Notice of Availability was published in the Federal Register, Volume 74, Number 240, Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

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