Dance of Universal Peace

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The park has received a request for a special use permit to hold a "Dance of Universal Peace" event at the Split Top Cave group campsite in the Needles district from May 10 through May 13, 2007. The event would involve up to 35 people in dancing, drumming, chanting, singing, and other musical activities within the group campsite. The number of participants camping at the campsite would be limited to the standard limit of 15 people. Campers in excess of this number would camp outside the park. The standard limit of 3 vehicles parked at the campsite would also apply. Excess vehicles, up to 5, would be parked at the Needles visitor center parking lot. Additional vehicles would be parked outside the park.

The use of any type of amplified sound system or unreasonable noise would not be authorized. Acoustic musical instruments would be permitted. Normal quiet hours for all Canyonlands National Park campgrounds (10:00 PM to 6:00 AM) would continue to be in effect.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133