Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Camp Wawona: Remove Encroachments on NPS Lands

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Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (CCCSDA) owns and operates Camp Wawona, a private land ownership in-holding. This 28-acre youth recreational camp facility is in the Wawona area of the Yosemite National Park. CCCSDA is applying to Mariposa County for a permit to do road repairs within the camp and remove encroachments from adjoining Yosemite lands. The work on NPS lands includes the following: remove road and pavement encroaching on park land and restore the area; relocate a propane tank from encroaching on park lands; remove 2 constructed carports that encroach on park land. By law, encroachments on park land are illegal and are to be removed.

The NPS encroachment removal consists of:
1) Removal of 5,625SF of asphalt roadway, 2 carports, 2 structures to be modified to correct encroachment (see Pritchard NPS Encroachment Removal Exhibit)
2) Restoration and revegetation of the encroachment areas land (see Reforestation Plan for Encroachment)

The park has NEPA compliance responsibilities for the portion of the project occurring on park lands to remove the encroachments. Compliance requirements for the larger project, which is located on private land, will be undertaken by Mariposa County separately in coordination with the CCCSDA and are not included in this compliance package. This compliance package is only applicable to work removing CCCSDA encroachments from NPS lands and restoring these lands to a natural condition