Half Dome Village TV Satellite Installation (2017 YH)

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This project would replace an existing damaged light pole and add a satellite for television reception at the Half Dome Village complex. The existing metal pole is located in front of the two small restrooms adjacent to the old ice rink site. This pole failed during heavy snowfall this past winter. This project would replace the pole and light with a wooden power pole, adding a small TV satellite receiver. This location allows for the satellite to receive signal from the three different horizon signal sources to form a complete TV package. Currently and since the Curry Village Residential Area (CVRA) Dorms were completed in 2005 there is reduced TV reception in all of the employee housing east of this site. Nowhere from CVRA can all signals be received to allow employees to play all of the channels in any package from either Dish Network or Direct TV. In effect, for a decade the employees housed in CVRA paid for TV channels they cannot receive. Allowing the satellite to be placed on this replacement power pole would allow all signals to be received, transferred to the employee community center, and from there to CVRA dorms over existing cabling.

The existing metal light pole is approximately 20 feet in height. The new painted brown metal pole would be placed south of the comfort stations, opposite of the footpath to reduce visual intrusion by guests arriving to the area. The pole would be thirty feet in height. The signal from the 20 inch gray dish would travel down the pole to a box mounted on the pole and from there transferred via aerial cabling to the triple wide community center a distance of 200 feet on existing power poles. The signal would be tied into the existing TV distribution system there to supply complete packages to the wellness center and all 28 dorms.

Yosemite Hospitality intends to contract with Custom Connections to install the infrastructure necessary to complete the signal source to the dorms. The expected scope of work includes the following: 1) Replace the downed metal pole with a new wooden power pole, 2) Install a 20 inch satellite receiver at the top of the pole and wire to a transfer box attached to the pole, 3) Reuse the existing light to supply safety lighting into the parking lot and identify the location of the restrooms, 4) Connect the transfer box to the triple wide community trailer via overhead cabling on existing power poles.