El Portal Marcis Garage Demo/Rebuild w/Apt

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The residents of 9760 Crane Creek Road propose to demolish their existing deteriorating 700 square foot garage and replace with a new structure (770 square feet) - a 10% increase in square feet. This residence lies within El Portal, an administrative site of Yosemite National Park, where residents own structures on federal land. The new garage will be one story (as is the existing garage to be demolished). They are proposing to develop a studio guest quarters (352 square feet) as a joint garage and guest family quarters structure.
Ground disturbance will consist of excavating and pouring footings and slab foundation. Trenching will occur for sewer and water connections. Utility connections will occur overhead.

The construction staging plan is to be contained to within lot lines. The visual impacts are similar to the existing layout and will be an enhancement as the current structure is deteriorating.

All building permits will be issued by Mariposa County and all permit inspections will be conducted by Mariposa County.