Lake Eleanor- Water Pump Replacement

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The Lake Eleanor Ranger Station currently uses a gasoline powered water pump to pump water to the storage tank. The existing pump is located at the edge of the lake where there is a potential for a hazardous material spill when refueling. This proposal would install a solar powered submersible pump in the lake which will eliminate the need for refueling.

Power for the new pump will be supplied by the existing photovoltaic system that delivers electricity to the ranger station complex. An electrical conduit and water line (pipe) will be laid in a 180 foot trench from the generator shed to the edge of the lake at the normal high water level point. A 100 foot hose and electrical cable will be connected to the pipe/conduit at the high water point and extend the pump out into the lake. The submersible pump will be moved further out as the lake level drops. An additional 100 foot hose and cable could be attached if necessary to extend the pump further into the lake. The water line will continue from the generator shed uphill approximately 200 feet to the southeast and tie into an existing water line to fill the water storage tank. An alternative was explored that would install solar panels on the dam. This was dismissed because of the need to drill holes and set anchors in the concrete structure of the dam. It was determined that the drilling holes in the 98 year old structure would be detrimental.