Yosemite Village Verizon Wireless Telecomunication Site Upgrade

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Verizon Wireless has requested to reconstruct the existing wireless telecommunications site in Yosemite Valley. The existing site is located adjacent to the electrical substation and is made up of several equipment cabinets and a 65' wooden monopole. The existing site is 20 years old and has been modified several times. Currently AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless have facilities at the existing site. The reconstructed site would add a third telecommunications carrier, T-Mobile, to the site.

This project calls for the construction of a new steel monopole, 100' in height, and a reconstructed and enlarged communications equipment area. In order to design the foundation for the equipment area and the monopole, it is anticipated that they will need to conduct a minimum of two geotechnical borings, with a 4-inch bore hole, from 5 feet to 40 feet in depth. The area proposed to be excavated is approximately 800 square feet and 8 feet deep (to the bottom of excavation for the proposed retaining wall from the existing roadway grade). Historical records from the construction of the existing communications site, the electrical substation, and the nearby underground utilities indicate that this area has had substantial subsurface disturbance; it has already been excavated to at least 4 feet, and in certain areas probably 6 feet or more. The foundation for the monopole is estimated to be between 30 feet to 40 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter.

Clearance requires the removal of several trees, one 24-inch cedar and two smaller cedar trees less than 6 inches in diameter. To extend fiber optic cable to this site, a trench 85 feet long, 24 inches wide, and 36 inches deep will be dug from the south side of the electrical substation to the existing communications conduit recently built under the park communication data network project.