Yosemite Valley Stables Pony Corral Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to replace the posts, rails, gates, and entrance structure for the Valley Stables pony corral with all new wood and paint to match existing conditions. There will be no additional excavation beyond existing post holes. All existing 4" x 6" posts will match the existing material (Cedar) and be replaced in the exact location, depth (2'), and pattern with rails to match. Post holes and/or excavation beyond the original foot print will not occur. The project is necessary to remove rotted wood members affecting the structural integrity of the corral. The corral provides an area for DNC staff to train new stock. All work will occur on site. The staging area for materials and equipment will be located nearby the corral entrance.

The park Archeologist, Laura Kirn has reviewed the project description and verified that there are no archeological issues related to the proposed work at the site noted. The park Branch Chief of History, Architecture and Landscapes provided concurrence with the project scope.