Foresta Big Meadow Historic Fence Restoration

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This project entails rebuilding less than one fourth of a mile of fence between the Foresta Road and Big Meadow. The proposed fence will run from the metal pipe gate at the Y (see map) back toward the highway. This fence replaces one that was burned down in the 1990 A-rock fire. From old photographs, we have identified that it was a stacked rail zigzag fence, 5 to 6 rails tall, with cross bracing at the intersections of the zigzags from under the top rail to the ground (See historic photos). This design does not require digging fence post holes. We will work with the Historic Preservation crew to restore the fence to its former state as much as possible. The fence will be built by the YCC and community volunteers.
The staging area will be in the Foresta Barn. Any scrap wood will be removed and taken to the Foresta wood yard burn pile. Fence posts and rails will be supplied by a contractor. Contractor's vehicles will be cleaned and inspected for non-native or noxious weeds prior to entering the park.