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Fisher Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment

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On May 19, 2015, the Regional Director of the Pacific West Region of the National Park Service approved a proposal from North Cascades National Park Service Complex and Mount Rainier National Park to collaborate with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to restore the fisher (Pekania pennanti) to these units of the national park system. This proposal was evaluated and assessed through the completion of the Fisher Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment (Plan/EA) that was released for public review in September 2014 (available in the "documents" link on the left hand of this page). Over 1,300 private citizens, businesses, organizations, and other agencies commented on this planning effort. The final decision to implement Alternative B as articulated in the Plan/EA, as well as clarifications to the EA and a response to public comment, is available under "documents" under the left hand column of this page. As articulated in the Plan/EA, fisher reintroductions could occur at Mount Rainier National Park as early as fall 2015. Fisher reintroductions at North Cascades National Park Service Complex will not occur until all planned reintroductions in the Southwestern Cascades are completed, but could occur as early as fall 2017. The NPS will make a strong effort to inform the public when reintroductions are happening. More information on the fisher, this planning effort and recent decision is available via the plan process, meeting notices, links, and documents section of this project website.

Contact Information

Elly Boerke, Project Planner and Environmental Protection Specialist, North Cascades National Park Complex | 360-854-7328
Roger Andrascik, Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources, Mount Rainier National Park | 360-569-6742