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The monument protects many and varied resources, including a large concentration of lava tube caves, Modoc War sites, and rock art. Lava Beds safeguards and interprets significant aspects of the area's cultural history, and provides educational opportunities to children and the visiting public. The monument has long promoted and enhanced the appreciation, recreational use, and enjoyment of these resources. Lava Beds National Monument is special and unique, and of national importance. It is also your park.

The National Park Service is in the process of moving from a Resource Management Plan (RMP) into a Resource Stewardship Strategy (RSS). Lava Beds National Monument has been selected as a pilot park representing the Pacific West region to test the implementation of these new plans.

The RSS is based on long-term scientific and scholarly information and will address the next 10-20 year timeframe. It identifies and provides basic descriptions of what would be necessary to achieve and maintain healthy natural and cultural resources. The RSS also provides a logical timeframe for implementing the sequence of potential activities needed in order to maintain healthy ecosystems.

The key products of the RSS will be comprehensive strategies developed to achieve and maintain park-specific desired future resource conditions. It will provide other parks with a template for developing detailed program and project needs.

The RSS is not considered a decision document and no additional environmental analysis will be prepared. While your comments and input are not required, if you have interest or input on specific resources at Lava Beds and their future management, please provide comments. We will continue to update this site and inform you of our developments and progress with the RSS.

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