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Climbing Management Plan: Rock-Based Recreation in Joshua Tree National Park

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February 18, 2022. Due to the significant public interest in the Climbing Management Plan (CMP), Joshua Tree National Park (JTNP) is extending the public scoping comment period by two weeks. Public Scoping comments are due March 13, 2022.
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January 13, 2022. Joshua Tree National Park (JTNP) Begins Public Scoping on Climbing Management Plan on January 13, 2022.

Joshua Tree National Park (JTNP) has been engaging with the public on the development of the Climbing Management Plan (CMP) since early 2021. During our engagement we have received over 2,400 comments on the proposed plan and appreciate the amount of interest and participation thus far.

We are now entering into the public scoping phase of our planning process. During public scoping JTNP will be presenting management actions the park is proposing to meet the Purpose and Need.

JTNP will be accepting comments for 45 days starting on January 13 and ending the comment period on February 27, 2022. For more detailed information on the CMP please read our newsletter, interact with our story map, visit our Climbing Plan website, and make comments on our on CMP comment website. Use the links tab to access these resources.

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April 2021. Joshua Tree National Park is inviting the public to participate in the development of the park's Climbing Management Plan.

Joshua Tree National Park is known for its vast expanse of desert landscape, charismatic Joshua trees, diverse desert ecosystems, extensive cultural history, and rugged rock formations. The park is a world-renowned destination for rock climbers and others who seek various rock-based recreation. Since the General Management Plan Amendment of 2000, also known as the Backcountry and Wilderness Management Plan (2000 BMP), there have not been any substantial changes to climbing management in the park.

Since the 2000 BMP, overall visitation has more than doubled and rock-based recreation continues to grow in popularity. It is estimated the number of routes and bolts within the park has doubled as well, including a proliferation of bolts in wilderness. The park has been contemplating making management changes to climbing and other rock-based recreation based on issues that have been developing over the years. The park wants to maintain this visitor use while conserving park resources for future generations.

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October 2019. Joshua Tree National Park hosted three community open house meetings to hear public input on the management of visitor use at the park.

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