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Restore Remnant Prairies and Hedgerows at Landing National Historical Reserve

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in priairie restoration.

Prairies are an important component but rare vegetation community within the Reserve. Today, less than 3% of the once extensive prairies and oak-prairie savannahs remain in the Puget lowlands in western Washington.

Small high-quality remnant prairies and large expanses of degraded prairies are present in the Reserve, and they provide habitat for the federally threatened golden paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta), Fender's Valley silverspot (Speyeria zerene remnerii, Edwards, federal species of concern), Taylor's checkerspot (Euphydryas editha taylori Edwards, federal candidate), and Mardon skipper (Polites mardon Edwards, federal candidate).

This project supports the final phase of restoration on 2.5 acres of prairie habitat adjacent to the Prairie Overlook, and the enhancement 10 acres of hedge rows in Ebeys Landing National Historical Reserve. Currently the hedge rows are heavily occupied by poison hemlock (Conium maculatum), an invasive non-native weed that poses a health threat to visitors amd wildlife.

For more information, please refer to the project contacts noted below.

Contact Information

Project Leader: Dr. Regina Rochefort, Science Advisor, National Park Service, 360-854-7202
Project Cooperator: Dr. Robert Pellant, Executive Director, Pacific Rim Institute, 360-678-0216