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Project to Replace the Deteriorated Cave Lighting System

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The National Park Service is proposing to replace the lighting system within Wind Cave in
order to protect cave resources, enhance the visitor appreciation of the unique geology within
the cave, protect public health and safety, and strengthen park operational efficiency and

The existing cave lighting system illuminates approximately one mile of paved tour routes
within the cave. The system components are approaching the limits of their serviceable life,
having been installed between the 1930s, 1950s, and the 1980s.

The system is no longer up to date with current professional practice and is generally considered unsafe from an operations
and maintenance perspective. The incandescent lights presently used promote algal growth
on cave surfaces, they do not inhibit vandalism, nor do they provide adequate access lighting,
all of which pose a long-term threat to cave resources.

Contact Information
Steve Schrempp, Facility Manager: 605-745-4600

Tom Farrell, Information Officer: 605-745-4600