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Federal Reserve Board Martin Building North and East Garages and Virginia Avenue Garden Rehabilitation

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The National Park Service (NPS), in cooperation with the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), is seeking public comments on the potential design of the proposed repairs and upgrades to the North and East Garages, including security, safety, and accessibility enhancements. In accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act, the NPS is conducting Section 106 consultation for the Federal Reserve (Martin) Building North and East Garage Waterproofing Project in Washington, DC.

The project site encompasses Edward J. Kelly Park (Reservations 105) and Reservation 378, located in the northwest quadrant of Washington, DC, and bounded by Virginia Avenue, 21st Street, C Street, and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors William McChesney Martin Building (Martin Building), which is currently undergoing an extensive renovation and addition through a separate project. Below grade on the project site and Reservation 378 are two parking garages, the North and East Garages, built as part of the Martin Building between 1971 and 1974. At the southeast corner of the site and Reservation 378 is a fountain and plaza dedicated to Robert Latham Owen, and at the northwest corner is Edward J. Kelly Park (Reservation 105). National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA) administers the project site and the Board maintains the park and fountain plaza through a Memorandum of Agreement. Additionally, the below-grade garages are governed by an Interagency Agreement between the Department of Interior and the Federal Reserve Board for operations and maintenance.

The purpose of the proposed project is to repair and provide critical maintenance, life-safety, building code, security, and accessibility upgrades to the below-grade North and East Garages and the fountain plaza at Robert Owen Park. Garage structures require replacement at the end of their usable life cycle, which is fifty years. The waterproofing and expansion joints at the roof of the below-grade garages have reached the end of their useful life and require replacement. Access to the top of the garage roofs necessitates the removal of landscape and hardscape features, including the soil, plantings, trees, paving, tennis courts, lights, and fountain. The project involves removing the existing waterproofing to evaluate the structural integrity of the roof and make necessary repairs, installation of a new waterproof system, and reinstalling, rebuilding, or replacing above-grade elements. A new entry kiosk serving the North Garage is proposed with upgraded security screening and accessible egress to the garage. The existing entry kiosk does not comply with current accessibility codes or the Board's security requirements.

In consultation with the DC Historic Preservation Office (DC SHPO), Reservations 105 and 378 have been determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Additionally, the reservations contribute to the National Register-eligible Northwest Rectangle Historic District, the Virginia Avenue NW Cultural Landscape, and the L'Enfant Plan of the City of Washington, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the DC Inventory of Historic Sites.

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