Many Glacier Road Rehabilitation Project

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A project to rehabilitate the Many Glacier Road is being developed with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Western Federal Lands Division. The project will include the road from Babb to Swiftcurrent Developed area in the park. A portion of the project is outside the park on the Blackfeet Reservation but within a NPS right-of-way. The FHWA, at the request from the park and the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife, prepared a Wetland/Floodplains Statement of Findings in accordance with Executive Orders 11990 and 11988. As required by NPS policy, Glacier National Park is making this Wetland/Floodplains Statement of Findings available for public review and comment.

A categorical exclusion will be prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the project. Road rehabilitation is covered by CE: 3.3. C. 9 "Repair, resurfacing, striping, installation of traffic control devices, repair/replacement of guardrails, etc., on existing roads. This CE also applies to road maintenance, rehabilitation, repaving and reconstruction on existing roads with the existing road prism. Actions taken under this CE may also include repair or replacement of culverts, signs, surfacing..." (NPS NEPA Handbook 2015). The impacts to wetlands does not rise to the level requiring an environmental assessment.

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