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Planning for First State NM - - Foundation Document

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First State National Monument was established by President Barack Obama under the Antiquities Act on March 25, 2013. It is the first National Park Service unit in the state of Delaware. The monument interprets the early colonial history of Delaware and its role as the first state to ratify the Constitution. First State tells the unique story of early Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, and English settlers and their relationships with Native Americans. First State provides 1100 acres along the Brandywine where visitors can experience a virtually un-touched natural setting.

First State NM is in the process of initiating planning for the park.

The very first step in planning for First State National Monument is to get to know it. We accomplish this in a number of ways:
- - - undertaking baseline research and studies
- - - creating base maps and a GIS database
- - - informing the public and sharing information about the National Park Service (NPS) and this new NPS unit
- - - talking with the owners/ managers of park sites (our principal partners), community leaders and other local interest groups, park visitors, and members of general public to gauge issues and concerns and hear about what opportunities may lie ahead.

The first planning document that will be generated is aptly called a Foundation Document. The foundation document defines its park purpose & mission, describes its national significance and fundamental resources and values, and identifies and prioritizes planning and additional research needs for the park. The foundation will become the cornerstone of any future planning efforts for the park.

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