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National Capital Regional Headquarters Renovation

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Flanked on its two long sides by the Potomac River, Hains Point is subject to regular and increasing river flooding, which can be exacerbated by tidal influences and storm surges. Both independently and collectively, river flooding and storm surges pose significant threats to two of the critical facilities on Hains Point: the US Park Police D1 Substation (USPP D1) and the National Mall and Memorial Parks Headquarters (NAMA HQ) which are currently located on lower elevations. In order to protect these critical operations, this project consolidates the NAMA HQ into the existing structures on the National Capital Region (NCR) Campus and relocates the USPP D1 operations onto higher ground in a new purpose-built structure on the NCR Campus. Keeping these critical operations on Hains Point is vital due to response time and operational needs associated with the Park.

In order to consolidate NAMA HQ within the existing campus structures, the interiors of the existing NCR HQ and USPP HQ buildings will be reconfigured, maintaining the character of the entry atrium located between the A and B Wings, but removing the original "removable" partitions in order to create an open work environment of greater density. This renovation will be done in conjunction with systems upgrades through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (sponsored by the Department of Energy) which will improve energy efficiency as well as dramatically improve the condition of two historic structures. The breadth of the renovation will also require other updates in order to bring the buildings up to current building codes.

Despite the extensive scope of work, physical changes to the existing structures will be limited. Exterior changes will be limited to minor revisions to the existing penthouse; the addition of accessible ramps to the C Wing entrance and at the breezeway connecting the existing NCR HQ with the existing USPP HQ. An additional sidewalk will also be added to link the main entrance with the main parking lot to the north of the buildings, and non-original vestibule at the main entrance (east side) between the A and B Wings will be removed.

The construction of a new purpose-built D1 facility will replace an existing trailer compound in the NE corner of the campus parking lot. The design of the new facility will be somewhat subdued in order to fit into the campus historic district. It's massing and materials will be compatible with the existing campus structures. The proposed location tucks most of the building in up against existing vegetation between I-395 and the campus, for the most part screening the secure parking area to the north of the building for law enforcement vehicles. Perimeter security will be addressed by raising the new D1 facility up onto a shallow plinth, with a low surrounding retaining wall rather than a row of vehicular bollards. This solution also serves to provide even greater flood protection.

Probably the most visible changes to the campus associated with the new D1 facility will be the reconfiguration of existing parking lots in order to segregate law enforcement circulation and parking from NCR HQ, USPP HQ and NAMA HQ staff vehicles. Parking lot modifications will also be necessary to accommodate best management practices for storm water collection and treatment.