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Long Range Interpretive Plan

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Half of all Americans visit the national mall at some point in their lifetime. Why do they come?

Millions of people around the world make Washington, DC their first, and sometimes only, stop on a US tour. What do they take home with them after they leave?

Visitors from every background imaginable come to the national mall to stand at the feet of Lincoln, to dream in the footsteps of King and touch the black granite of the Vietnam Wall. How do they change from their experience?

From the Washington Monument to Washington Circle, the National Park Service is the steward of these iconic sites and over 150 other memorials and greenspaces throughout Washington, DC. These sites are collectively known as the National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA). At NAMA, the National Park Service offers a thoughtful array of interpretive and educational services to visitors including ranger tours, exhibits, special events, roving guides, and publications. We use new technologies and innovative techniques to expand our storytelling and connect in new ways. Education and Interpretation at NAMA aims to inspire a lifelong commitment to the preservation and protection of the park's precious resources and an understanding of our national heritage.

A Long Range Interpretive Plan (LRIP) envisions the next ten years of interpretive and educational services at NAMA. Over the course of the next year and half we will be actively seeking the public's input what interpretive and educational services continue to be offered at NAMA. Please continue to check back at this site for various opportunities to provide your comments and perspectives throughout the planning process.

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Laura Cohen, Project Manager