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Rehabilitate U.S. Reservation 176

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The National Park Service (NPS), in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), proposes to make improvements to U.S. Reservation 176. This 0.15-acre park is located between New York Avenue, NW, 7th Street NW, and K Street, NW, in Washington, DC, northwest from Mount Vernon Square. AAMC, in conjunction with Hines, JM Zell and Shalom Baranes Associates, is constructing a new headquarters building adjacent to the park, and has an interest in improving the park. The purpose of the project is to improve existing conditions and preserve the character of the L'Enfant era reservation, and to create new access to the park from the east side, which doesn't currently exist.

The project partners have coordinated with NPS staff regarding preservation of the character-defining features of the park. NPS is consulting with the District State Historic Preservation Officer, as well as staff from the Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Planning Commission.

The project would include the following measures:
(1) reset the existing brick paving on the sidewalk to the north, west, and south side of the park; (2) demolish existing asphalt paving in the center plaza and the bluestone paving on sidewalk to the east (between the park and the new building; (3) install tinted concrete in the center plaza and radiating walkways, and pave the eastern sidewalk in brick; (4) remove the existing hedges along the eastern edge of the park; (5) remove portions of the iron fencing, and plant bed in order to create a new eastern walkway from the center plaza; (6) replace and repair fencing as needed; (7) reset existing concrete curb as needed; (8) keep the four existing trees; and (9) arrange for long term maintenance of the landscaping via donation from the developer. Appropriate landscaping around the trees will be determined in consultation with park staff, based on maintenance needs.

During a public comment period in February of 2013, we only received comments in support of the project, as proposed. The project is anticipated to be completed in 2014.

Contact Information

Kristen Hamilton
Environmental Protection Specialist
National Mall and Memorial Parks
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