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Dear Friends:

Glacier National Park is preparing an environmental assessment to assess the impacts of a proposed land exchange in Apgar Village.

Two privately owned Apgar Village Lodge cabins, part of another private cabin, and a water treatment shed are currently located on NPS land. They were not relocated or removed after the NPS purchased the property in 1958. An NPS sewer line installed across Apgar Village Lodge property also does not currently have a formal right- of- way. To resolve the situation, the NPS is proposing to accept an offer from Belton Mercantile, Inc. to exchange a nearby parcel of their land, including a cabin, for the NPS land. The objectives of the land exchange would be to remedy the land ownership overlap and provide Glacier National Park with a formal utility right- of- way.

In addition to the proposed alternative, several other alternatives have so far been identified. They include no action, whereby privately owned structures would remain on NPS land and the NPS sewer line would not be covered by a recorded right- o-f way; removal of the structures that are on NPS land; and purchase of the structures that are on NPS land.

Scoping is the first step involving the public in the planning and environmental assessment process. Please send your comments and concerns. No public meetings are scheduled at this time. We will review your comments to ensure we are addressing all the possible resource issues and alternatives. There will be another opportunity for your review and comment when the environmental assessment is completed and released.

Please provide comments by
August 6, 2010

Chas Cartwright
Glacier National Park