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Statewide Tagging program to determine Movement Patterns of Permmit

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Little is known about movement patterns of permit, Trachinotus falcatus. This is the first statewide project designed to determine movement patterns of permit in Florida. Over a five year period, permit will be tagged with external dart tags. Data on tag and recapture locations will be used to estimate movements and connectivity of different apparent 'populations' within Florida. Objectives: To determine: 1) connectivity of permit populations throughout Florida; 2) the sources of permit that spawn on artificial and natural offshore reefs; 3) estimated catch rates using recapture data; 4) general movement patterns of permit in Florida And to involve recreational fishermen and guides in the effort to obtain data essential to management of the permit fishery.
Summary of proposed field methods and activities (extract from the study proposal where appropriate - maximum 4000 characters)
We will use Hallprint PDL dart tags and Hallprint applicator needles to tag permit.These tags have been used successfully for snook and bonefish. Tagging effort will in large part depend upon recreational fishermen and guides that will tag fish under our directionand training. Each tag will have a unique identification number, and web address and phone number for reporting when a fish is recaptured. Fish will be measured (fork length),and date and location noted, for each permit tagged. Tag-recapture data will be shared with FWRI biologists for analysis.

Contact Information

Dr. Aaron Adams
Mote Marine Laboratory
Center for Fisheries Enhancement
P.O. Box 2197
Pineland, FL 33945