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Asset #91415 CP Electrical System Install emergency generator to provide power to Maintenance and Administrative Buildings in the event of a extended power failure. Installation to include 200 KW 250KVA, 60 Hz, 3-phase generator; alternator; voltage regulator; instrument control panel with safety shutdowns; and 1000 gal diesel fuel tank mounted on a new 8' x 15' concrete pad. The Generator Set also includes an aluminum weather proof enclosure with sound-deadening material.
The emergency generator will be connected to a recently installed automatic transfer switch in the Maintenance building.The footprint of the new generating system will be located in an area between the Headquarter building and the Maintenance building that has been previously disturbed and where three to four foot of fill dirt has been placed 16 years ago for the construction of the existing buildings. Installation of a 10' x 20' rock bed with type 57 drain rock bed with rail road tie type containment.
Installation of 8' x 15' concrete pad as recommended by manufacturer, centered in rock bed.
Install underground conduits consisting of a minimum of:
2-3" PVC, with three phase four wire 300 kcmil conductors and connect
to 500amp generator breaker
1-2"PVC with three phase 4 wire 4/0 conductors and connect to 225amp
max generator breaker
2-1" PVC for installation of controls and jacket heater and battery charger
Connect generator to existing gutter system
1. feeding dual transfer switch systems via existing 4" nipples
Install two 4" concrete filled traffic protection bollards
Restore landscaping to original condition
Final installation location to be coordinated with facilities manager or site
supervisor ( Estimated 25' from existing Thomson transfer switches in Maintenance building).

Contact Information

Mr. Ken Ginger
Chief, Maintenance Division
Biscayne National Park
9700 S.W. 328 Street
Homestead, FL 33033