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Officials at Glacier National Park seek public comment on the Logan Pass Improvements Plan/Environmental Assessment.

The plan proposes to rehabilitate and update the existing restrooms and construct an additional restroom that would remain open during the shoulder season. It proposes to replace the power system and provide additional energy for radio, security, transit system and relocates the shuttle stop.

A no action alternative and three action alternatives are included in this EA. Improvements to the existing restrooms, construction of a new restroom and a new shuttle stop are considered as common to all alternatives.

Comments are due by March 13, 2009 and can be entered online at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/parkHome.cfm?parkId=61 or sent by mail to:
Superintendent, Glacier National Park,
Attn: Logan Pass EA,
PO Box 128
West Glacier, MT 59936

Contact Information

Contact Mary Riddle, Planning and Compliance at 406-888-7898 if you have any questions.