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Ballast water discharge restriction

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The discharge of untreated ballast water within Isle Royale National Park waters is prohibited within the boundaries of Isle Royale National Park. The boundaries include those waters within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States within four and one half miles of the shore of Isle Royale and immediately surrounding islands, including Passage Island and Gull Islands.

Untreated ballast water is defined as ballast water that is not treated by one or more of the State of Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality's treatment methods. The following ballast water treatment methods are acceptable: 1)Hypochlorite treatment; 2)Deoxygenation treatment, 3) Chlorine Dioxide treatment; 4) Ultra Violet Light Radiation treatment preceded by suspended solids removal. Requirements for each of these treatment techniques including the required effluent limitation and monitoring requirements can be found within the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Ballast Water Control General Permit, Port Operations and Ballast Water discharge, Permit No. MIG140000. Ballast water emissions should meet or exceed standards set for State of Michigan waste water treatment standards.

Written comments on the Compendium amendment may be submitted to:
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The 2007 Superintendent's Compendium Emergency Restriction for Isle Royale National Park will become effective on September 18, 2007, and remain in effect until superseded.