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African Burial Ground National Monument General Management Plan

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Dear Friend of the African Burial Ground National Monument,

My sincerest thanks to all of you who attended our open houses in June, provided comments online or in writing, and for your continued input as we plan the future of the African Burial Ground National Monument. We are grateful for the time you are devoting to the development of a vision for this sacred site.

We are at a stage in the planning process where new visions for the African Burial Ground are coming into focus. In this newsletter, we present two of those visions, called "preliminary alternatives," for managing the site's resources and the visitor experience. These preliminary alternatives help us explore different ways the park could be managed. Once fully developed, one of these alternatives could be selected as the National Park Service's "preferred" alternative or a new one could emerge that combines the two or other ideas.

Before we take the next step, we need to hear from you. This fall, we invite you to join us at open houses in Harlem, Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan where you will be able to explore, discuss, and comment on the preliminary alternatives.

If you cannot attend an open house, see Getting Involved in this newsletter for other ways to make your voice heard. Either way, your ideas will go a long way in helping us choose a direction that best achieves our shared goals. I also want to take this opportunity to remind you that we are fast approaching the opening of our new Visitor Center early next year. Please check for the announcement as we hope you will be among the first visitors we welcome through the doors.

Thanks again for your recent, and anticipated, participation.

Tara D. Morrison, Superintendent