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L76 GLAC-03-021, H-30

November 29, 2006

Dear Friends,

In 2003, the National Park Service (NPS) proposed to remove three privately-built recreational cabins (Moberly, Graham, and Roberts cabins) on Lake McDonald within Glacier National Park. Public scoping for this project was completed in July 2003. The project has been delayed, while a determination of eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places was prepared. A National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation for all recreational camps on Lake McDonald was completed in 2006. The Roberts Cabin was determined to be a contributing resource within the Glacier Park Villa Sites Historic District We are now proceeding with the preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act Finding of Effect to analyze the impacts and effects of removal of the Roberts Cabin. Future management options for the Moberly and Graham cabins will be addressed in another EA.

The Roberts cabin was built ca.1950 by Edna S. Graham. Mary Agnes Roberts, daughter of Edna Graham, sold the property to the federal government in 1975, reserving a 25-year lease. The lease ended in 2000 and the cabin has remained uninhabited since that time. The cabin is in poor condition and presents a safety hazard in its present state.

Alternatives include:
 removal by contract salvage
 removal by park crew
 no action

While this project has been through a previous scoping process, we feel it is appropriate to engage the public again as several years have passed since the first letter and the scope of the project has changed. The park is soliciting your comments to identify concerns and issues that need to be addressed in the EA and alternatives or modifications that could avoid, minimize, or mitigate the adverse effect.

Our practice is to make comments, including names, home addresses, home phone numbers, and email addresses of respondents, available for public review. Individual respondents may request that we withhold their names and/or home addresses, etc., but if you wish us to consider withholding this information, you must state this prominently at the beginning of your comments. In addition, you must present a rationale for withholding this information. This rationale must demonstrate that disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy. Unsupported assertions will not meet this burden. In the absence of exceptional, verified circumstances, this information will be released. We will always make submissions from organizations or businesses, and from individuals identifying themselves as representatives of or officials of organizations or businesses, available for public inspection in their entirety.
Comments can be posted online at or sent by mail to Superintendent Glacier National Park, Attn: Roberts Cabin EA, P.O. Box 128, West Glacier, Montana 59936. Comments are due by December 29, 2006.
Thank you for your continued support and interest in Glacier National Park.


/s/ Michael O. Holm

Michael O. Holm