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Storm Damage Repairs at Colonial Creek Campground (2005)

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In October 2003 severe floods damaged roads, campgrounds, trails, and bridges throughout the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. Colonial Creek Campground, located along the North Cascades Highway within Ross Lake National Recreation Area, was heavily impacted when the creek filled its channel with debris and began to flow through the north unit of the campground. At least 15 campsites and portions of the campground looproad were damaged or destroyed, and the creek rerouted to flow directly though the campground, amidst a tangled mess of exposed utility lines and flood debris.

In 2005, North Cascades National Park Complex prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to repair this storm damage and allow for the continued use of the north side of the campground while reducing the risk of flood damage in the future.

The Environmental Assessment for this proposal considered three alternatives: (A) Abandon the Damaged Campsites (No Action); (B) Rebuild Loop Roads Closest to Pre-flood Location (Preferred Alternative); and (C) Rebuild Shortened Loop Roads Farther from Pre-flood Location.

In fall 2005, the Regional Director of the National Park Service Pacific West Region signed the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)/decision document for this EA, identifying alternative B as the selected alternative for implementation.

Enclosed within the documents section of this webpage is the full environmental assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact which includes a summary of the proposed action and its anticipated impacts to the environment.

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