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Rockefeller Barn Corral Fence

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Rockefeller Barn Corral Fence Project (123391)
George Washington Birthplace National Monument proposes to install additional sections of metal corral fencing in the north side corral area of the Rockefeller Barn to improve safety. The Rockefeller Barn (FMSS location #59349) is in the working farm area of the Memorial Grounds. Approximately 300 linear feet of fence sections with swing gates are needed to safely direct livestock into the north side corral. Currently, temporary metal corral fence sections are placed along the west side of the Barn to direct the livestock into the existing north side corral. These sections of fence have been proven to be inadequate and is creating a safety hazard for the workers to move the livestock. Over the past few years, the livestock have pushed through the metal fence sections nearly injuring the animals and compromised the worker's safety. These sections on the west side of the barn will be removed.

The new proposed metal fencing will be placed within the north side corral area of the barn. This will improve the safety for the maintenance workers and the livestock in the corral area of the Rockefeller Barn. The proposed fencing will be placed on top of the ground, no digging is required. The new fence will be constructed of sections of metal corral fence and braced using pressure treat lumber.

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