North Cascades National Park Service Complex

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Listed in the table below are North Cascades National Park Service Complex's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

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Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Mountain Lakes Fishery Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement (2008) Other EIS
Invasive Plant Management Plan and Environmental Assessment (2012) Other EA
Ross Lake NRA General Management Plan and EIS (2012) General Management Plan EIS
Stehekin River Corridor Implementation Plan (2013) Implementation Plan - Other EIS
Storm Damage Repairs at Colonial Creek Campground (2005) Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Modification to Mountain Lakes Fishery Management Plan - Piscicide Change from Antimycin to Rotenone (2013) Restoration CE
Fire Management Program and Environmental Assessment (2007) Fire Management Plan EA
Redesignation of Lower Thunder Creek Potential Wilderness to Wilderness (2012) Wilderness Plan Other
Minimize Erosion on the Upper Company Creek Road (2007) Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Issue Permit for a Phone System in the Stehekin Valley (2005) Right-of-Way Permit EA
Understanding Preservation Issues within Wilderness Areas Other Other
Thunder Creek Bridge Replacement (2005) Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Stehekin Valley Road Improvement Project and Environmental Assessment (2005) Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Improve Meteorological Monitoring in Alpine Environments (2008) Research Permit EA
Upper Stehekin Valley Road Carwash Falls (MP12.9) to Cottonwood Camp (MP22.8) (2006) Other EA
Stehekin Ferry Landing Improvement Project (2010) Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Issue Permit for Installation of Public Telecommunications Equipment (2009) Commercial Services Plan EA
Restore Vehicle Access on the Stehekin Valley Road at Coon Run (Mile 9.1- 10.2) (2005) Other EA
Diablo Lake New Tour Dock Project Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
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