Draft reference guide material for the checkout counter donation program (formerly the Guest Donation Program) in Director's Order #21 on Donations and Philanthropic Partnerships

Draft guidance for implementing the checkout counter donation program.
Comment Period: Closed        May 24, 2018 - Jun 7, 2018
Topic Questions:
1. Are there specific improvements we can make to the process of securing permission to engage in the program? Keep in mind the constraints identified in the policy.
2. The guidance requires a minimum quarterly transfer of funds from in-park operator. How would this influence the kinds of projects the park and in-park operator would choose to fund with the program proceeds?
3. Are there specific improvements that can be made to the authorization template?
4. Are there specific improvements we can make to the reporting requirements related to frequency, content/format, process, etc? Is there an interest in an on-line system?
5. What is an effective way to share out the impact of the program?
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