For Public Review: Beaufort NHL Integrity and Condition Study

The NPS has commissioned a study to document, in narrative and graphic formats, major changes that occurred within and adjacent to the district since its designation in 1973. The effort involves research, a reconnaissance survey, photographic documentation, Geographic Information Systems analysis, and mapping. The study also examines current and future projects and trends that may affect the integrity of the Beaufort NHL District. The NPS hopes that the information contained in this study will aid in the stewardship of the NHL by providing policy makers and the public with a better understanding of the District.

Key findings published in the draft report indicate:

• Despite the loss of at least twelve contributing buildings, insensitive alterations to others, incompatible infill, and changes in density, the Beaufort NHL District largely retains the distinctive character identified in the 1973 NHL District documentation.
• The District has remained largely intact when considering the contributing resources recognized at the time of designation in 1973. The Old Commons neighborhood has had the largest loss of contributing buildings, while the Northwest Quadrant has experienced the largest loss of historic fabric.
• Demolition of buildings and subsequent infill (or lack thereof) has led to a shift in development patterns and changes in building density. Additionally, large scale, incompatible development and infill has led to changes in the District's character.
• Projects on rights-of-way controlled by the South Carolina Department of Transportation and Dominion Energy such as the addition of monumental, outsized utility poles, particularly within the Northwest Quadrant, negatively impact and significantly diminish the integrity of the District.
• The establishment of Reconstruction Era National Historical Park has sparked renewed interest in resources such as the Tabernacle Church and Robert Smalls House. Headquartered within the District, the Park highlights the underrepresented and significant resources and stories of the Reconstruction era.
• Multiple preservation successes, including the efforts of individual people, have contributed to the District's health with some of the most successful preservation projects having been collaborations between Main Street, the NPS, property owners, merchants, and the community.

NPS welcomes public comments on the draft Beaufort NHL District Integrity and Condition Study prior to finalizing the report later this year.
Comment Period: Closed        Jan 25, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023
Topic Questions:
1. Does the report adequately acknowledge historic preservation successes and challenges in Beaufort?
2. Since the first public meeting in January 2022, have there been changes that should be brought to the attention of the NPS? These may be tangible, physical changes to the district or intangible changes such as proposed development plans.
3. Are the report recommendations clear and achievable?
4. Is there anything you would like to add? Anything we've overlooked?
Document Content:
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