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2013 03Mar 18 - Cape Hatteras National Seashore Establishes Prenesting Areas for 2013 Shorebird Breeding Season

Between January 28 and February 8, 2013, National Park Service (NPS) Resources Management staff conducted an annual assessment of breeding habitat for piping plover (PIPL), Wilson's plover (WIPL), American oystercatcher (AMOY), and colonial waterbirds (CWBs). During this assessment, preferred habitat was located and prenesting areas for PIPL, AMOY and/or WIPL, weather and shoreline conditions permitting, will be installed by March 15; prenesting areas for CWB sites will be installed by April 15.

The prenesting closure areas are based on the recent breeding history of the respective protected species at the Seashore and the actual habitat conditions observed during the annual assessment. At most prenesting areas pedestrian access is allowed along the shoreline below the ocean high tide line until such time that shorebird breeding activity is observed, then standard species-specific buffers will be implemented. Dogs are generally prohibited in the pedestrian shoreline access corridor below the high tide line adjacent to the prenesting closures and within any posted resource closure, but properly leashed dogs are otherwise allowed in open ORV routes and pedestrian areas. The site-specific restrictions are posted at each location with on-site signage and is the most accurate and up-to-date indication of access status.

In addition, on March 15 the Bodie Island Spit seasonal ORV route from 0.2 mile south of Ramp 4 to the inlet will be changed to a seasonal Vehicle Free Area in accordance with the designated ORV routes identified in the special regulation. The area is currently open to pedestrians and the seasonal ORV route will reopen to vehicle use on September 15. The designated year-round ORV route from 0.5 of a mile south of Coquina Beach to 0.2 of a mile south of Ramp 4 remains open to vehicles with access via Ramp 4.

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20130314_OI_13_003_map20130314_OI_13_003_map   (358.0 KB, PDF file)
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