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Photo of Kearsarge Pinnacles by Julie Vargo

Wilderness Stewardship Plan / Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The Wilderness Stewardship Plan/ Draft Environmental Impact Statement (WSP/DEIS) analyzes a range of alternatives for the purposes of providing management direction for two designated wilderness areas, several potential wilderness additions, and an area of proposed wilderness.

Once completed, the final plan will establish a framework for managing wilderness within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks to preserve wilderness character; provide opportunities for and encourage public use and enjoyment of wilderness in accordance with the Wilderness Act and other laws and policies; improve conditions in areas where there may be unacceptable levels of impacts on wilderness character; and protect the natural and cultural resources within wilderness.

To accomodate readers with different download speeds, the WSP/DEIS may be viewed as individual chapters and appendices, or as two volumes, which can be found at the end of the file list.

Note - In the printed versions of Appendix K, pages 33 and 34 and 66 and 65 are inserted in each other's place.
Comment Period: Closed        06/27/2014 - 08/25/2014
Document Content:
00-WSPDEIS-Vol1Contents-Summary.pdf00-WSPDEIS-Vol1Contents-Summary.pdf   (2.9 MB, PDF file)
01-WSPDEIS-ch1.pdf01-WSPDEIS-ch1.pdf   (5.2 MB, PDF file)
02-WSPDEIS-ch2.pdf02-WSPDEIS-ch2.pdf   (32.6 MB, PDF file)
03-WSPDEIS-ch3.pdf03-WSPDEIS-ch3.pdf   (11.2 MB, PDF file)
04-WSPDEIS-ch4.pdf04-WSPDEIS-ch4.pdf   (2.3 MB, PDF file)
05-WSPDEIS-ch5.pdf05-WSPDEIS-ch5.pdf   (562.9 KB, PDF file)
06-WSPDEIS-gloss-refs-index.pdf06-WSPDEIS-gloss-refs-index.pdf   (1.4 MB, PDF file)
07-WSPDEIS-Vol2Contents.pdf07-WSPDEIS-Vol2Contents.pdf   (789.9 KB, PDF file)
08-WSPDEIS-AppA-VisitorCapacity.pdf08-WSPDEIS-AppA-VisitorCapacity.pdf   (2.7 MB, PDF file)
10-WSPDEIS-AppC-WildCharMonitor.pdf10-WSPDEIS-AppC-WildCharMonitor.pdf   (707.7 KB, PDF file)
13-WSPDEIS-AppF-WildRegsPermitCond.pdf13-WSPDEIS-AppF-WildRegsPermitCond.pdf   (387.1 KB, PDF file)
14-WSPDEIS-AppG-ScopingMaterials.pdf14-WSPDEIS-AppG-ScopingMaterials.pdf   (6.3 MB, PDF file)
15-WSPDEIS-AppH-WSPInfoEdStrategy.pdf15-WSPDEIS-AppH-WSPInfoEdStrategy.pdf   (10.1 MB, PDF file)
16-WSPDEIS-AppI-CurrentMRA-SEKI.pdf16-WSPDEIS-AppI-CurrentMRA-SEKI.pdf   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
17-WSPDEIS-AppJ-ClimbingMgmt.pdf17-WSPDEIS-AppJ-ClimbingMgmt.pdf   (1010.4 KB, PDF file)
18-WSPDEIS-AppK-TrailManagement.pdf18-WSPDEIS-AppK-TrailManagement.pdf   (3.7 MB, PDF file)
19-WSPDEIS-AppL-SensitiveAnimal.pdf19-WSPDEIS-AppL-SensitiveAnimal.pdf   (824.0 KB, PDF file)
20-WSPDEIS-AppM-ProgramMRA.pdf20-WSPDEIS-AppM-ProgramMRA.pdf   (682.1 KB, PDF file)
21-WSPDEIS-AppN-NonnativePlants.pdf21-WSPDEIS-AppN-NonnativePlants.pdf   (732.0 KB, PDF file)
22-WSPDEIS-AppO-SpecialStatusPlants.pdf22-WSPDEIS-AppO-SpecialStatusPlants.pdf   (727.6 KB, PDF file)
23-WSPDEIS-AppP-ResearchPermit.pdf23-WSPDEIS-AppP-ResearchPermit.pdf   (764.2 KB, PDF file)
Volume 1_Ch 1-5.pdfVolume 1_Ch 1-5.pdf   (55.9 MB, PDF file)
Volume 2_Appendices.pdfVolume 2_Appendices.pdf   (43.6 MB, PDF file)
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